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Republic of Turkey

Ministry of Culture and Turism

Tile Artist

Almula İdil Kılıç

She was born in 1970 in Osmaniye. She completed her primary, secondary and high school education in Osmaniye. She graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Science, Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences. She started her Turkish folk dance life in Ankara University Folk Dance team. After the Anatolian dances, she learned and staged the Azerbaijani and Crimean Folk Dances at the Azerbaijan Cultural Association and the Crimean Cultural Association. She worked as a Public Relations Specialist in the Modern Dance Ensemble, which continues its activities under the General Directorate of State Opera and Ballet.

She met the art of tile in 2008. She started her tile studies with Feriha Esmer and Çiğdem Değirmenci. She took lessons from She Kerim Keçecigil and Nazlı Pınar Yerin. She participated in two group exhibitions in 2009 and 2010. In addition to his classical tile works, the artist transferring traditional clothes, paintings and patterns from various regions of the Turkish World to tiles, his first solo exhibition, "From Altai to the Danube, From Baykal to Ural", is the Tile and Ceramic Painting Exhibition on April 5th. It opened in TURKSOY in 2012.

She participated in the “International Spasskaya Handicrafts Fair, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Elabuga, Tatarstan, between 1-6 August 2012, representing Turkey. She participated in Eskişehir 2013 Turkish World Capital of Culture events between August 30 and September 15, 2013 with the exhibition titled “From Altai to the Danube, From Baykal to Ural”. She opened an exhibition with the same collection at Ankara Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center as part of the “International Cultural Treasures Harmony Festival” on January 28, 2014. On April 25, 2015, she participated in the "Peace Honeycombs" exhibition, consisting of 1000 honeycombs, featuring 1000 works of world artists, with the contributions of Çanakkale Municipality, representing the art of tiles. On October 1, 2016, “15. She participated in the “International October Parade” group exhibition. Her latest collection “Turkish Knot and Ottoman Galleons” was exhibited at the Istanbul Naval Museum in July 2017, at the M. Rahmi KOÇ Ankara Museum in January 2018, and at the Bodrum Municipality Hakan Aykan Culture and Art Center in August 2018. She participated in the “Rationality of Relationships, Persistence of Art, Women Artists Exhibition” on March 3, 2018.

Her collection named “İdil'ce Çini Exhibition” met with art lovers in Ankara on 12-18 July 2021.

Almula İdil Kılıç, who is a tile artist at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Research and Education General Directorate, worked as a Tile Teacher at Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Vocational Training Courses BELMEK between 2012-2021.

She received the Honorable Mention Award in the "Living Heritage" Ceramics (China) Competition, which was opened by the Selçuklu Municipality on 10.08.2021.

She received an exhibition award on 10.10 2021 in the competition named “Ten states of art” organized by Balıkesir Municipality City Council.

She participated in The Anatolian Artist Festival, which was held in New York on October 1-30, 2022, representing Turkish Tile Art.

He participated in the "Red Tile Exhibition", which was held on 14-21 November 2022, in cooperation with Trakya University, under the coordination of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Traditional Turkish Arts Department.


The married artist has two children named Türkay Tuna and Ural Kağan.

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