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Republic of Turkey

Ministry of Culture and Turism

Tile Artist

From the Altai Mountains
to the Tuna River
from the Baikal Lake
to the Ural Mountains

I had already come across with a tile several times beforehand.  I had touched them and examined each one as a handicraft.. I had always curiously listened to the stories of the flowers coming out from an oven.. They say that it had been much more difficult in the past to adjust the firing temperature and damage reduction in wood ovens..

Turkish Knot
Ottoman Galleons

This journey has been started in front of a stand in Turgutreis harbour four years ago. I have had visited day to day. I was looking like enchanted. I found out that the name is "Turkish Knot." It's also called "Turkish Head." I was really enchanted by the knot which look like quilted turban. There isn't a galleon without a knot. Journey of the exhibition has had started on that moment.

Other Activities


With respect to masters who lit my tile journey.

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