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Republic of Turkey

Ministry of Culture and Turism

Tile Artist

Turkish Knot


Ottoman Galleons


This journey has been started in front of a stand in Turgutreis harbour four years ago. I have had visited day to day. I was looking like enchanted. I found out that the name is "Turkish Knot." It's also called "Turkish Head." I was really enchanted by the knot which look like quilted turban. There isn't a galleon without a knot. Journey of the exhibition has had started on that moment.

Life is a journey indeed. This exhibition journey is full of surprises like my dreams about journey was started from space to ended on the land, started at Turgutreis and set its first sail from İstanbul.

Tile journey is another journey of its own. Shaping the mud, curing in the oven, painting and than curing again... It's an inutterable happiness to see the colours of your dreams after an exciting wait with a suspense. You make tiles even for being happy and make people around you. 

"Heart is sea, tongue is shore,

Wash ashore what sea has..."

said Mevlana. These are the what is in my mind and heart, and what is poured from my brush to tiles.

With respect to all friends and masters who has been  stand with me.

Let's start the new sail!

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